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Serving public, private, and non-profit clients, I develop large websites that are content rich, dynamic, interactive, and bilingual.   

As an open source enthusiast, my tools of choice are Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (i.e., LAMP stack) and Drupal.  Why open source?  Because I consistently see my clients benefit (e.g., speed to market, affordability, scalability, accessibility, ease of use, and customer experience), and I value the principles that underpin this development model (i.e., collaboration and co-creation).  

New to the 'open' movement and curious about its significance?  I recommend David Price's excellent book, "OPEN: How we'll work, live, and learn in the future" (October 2013).

A probem-solver with a social & entrepreneurial mindset.

Doing great work with great people for happy customers is what drives me.  

I'm a trained engineer with deep Web development expertise.  I've had the good fortune to serve respected private sector companies (e.g., Ogilvy & Mather), non-profit organizations (e.g, Columbia University), and public sector institutions (e.g., State of North Carolina), as well as small businesses and start-ups.  

As a seasoned freelancer, I seek to bring the Going Drupal toolbox to teams that are innovating in their fields and trying to be people-centered and boundary-pushing, yet cost-effective in the process.  I like frontier (actually prefer it) and happily build creative community with those who are pioneering to make things (e.g., products, programs, policies, services, systems, the planet) better.   

Hire me because:

I collaborate with humor and don't take myself seriously.

I design, develop, and deliver technical projects in innovative ways.

I understand human centered design, which means I can help you surprise, delight and deliver benefits to your user.

I am passionate about open source and have extensive experience with LAMP stack (10+ years) and Drupal (7 years).

I am skilled with all aspects of Drupal setup, optimization and configuration and have delivered large scale Drupal sites.

I minimize delays from unexpected surprises by leveraging lessons I've learned from years of development and theming.

I  am a Drupal community member via contribution and maintainence (Drupal Association, Drupalcamps, 

I am knowledgeable about other technologies and able to suggest integration solutions.

I am practiced in Agile software development methodology.

I am a strong communicator who is comfortable leading and mentoring (from the front line to the executive suite).

I excel in fast-paced and multi-cultural environments.

I welcome travel (domestic and international).

Work and Play are words used to describe the same thing under different conditions. - Mark Twain


What people are saying
  • Sarah Waters

    Communications Director at U of MD Medical System
    July 2010

    "Juan is a very creative and intelligent professional. He has a level of sophistication and confidence that plays very well with clients. But behind his calm demeanor is a real genuiness and caring that makes him excellent to work with."

  • Joel Bousley

    Sr. Drupal Developer at Spartan Systems Inc.
    July 2010

    "I have had the opportunity over the years to work with many web developers. Some of them excelled at the development side of things, but lacked significantly when it came to soft skills like verbal communication and teamwork. Juan embodies the ideal member for any team -- someone who faces down challenges by engaging them directly and at the same time always putting their best foot forward when dealing with colleagues and clients. His approach to delivering innovative solution on time and within budget are the sorts of things that would make him extremely valuable in any organization. Needless to say, I highly recommend Mr. Martinez as a member, or leader, of any development effort.

  • Brooke Abernathy Braun

    VP of Comms & External Relations at AAPA
    August 2010

    "Juan Carlos is a very strategic thinker and a brings a deep understanding of business objectives to each project he tackles. He is a very good listener, takes direction well, and is quick to point out solutions when faced with barriers to success. He is level-headed and brings a careful, rational approach to websites and databases that promote both operational and cost efficiencies. He's good natured and kind and has a great sense of humor. His decisions are rooted in quantitative evidence and he's committed to researching innovative ways to get results - a true self-starter and lifelong learner. His technical savvy combined with his business acumen make him an ideal addition to your team."

  • Marianne Eby

    CEO at Watershed Associates, Inc.
    September 2010

    "We trust JC with all our database and web design needs. He always tells us when there is an easier or less expensive way to accomplish a good enough result with an off the shelf product. When design is needed, he listens to our needs and translates them to specs that produce the right solution."

  • Julie Teicher

    Digital Executive Producer at Ogilvy & Mather
    September 2014

    "I have worked closely with Juan for the last 2 years as our most senior Drupal Developer. Working with Juan has been a true privilege. I'm constantly impressed with not just his deep knowledge of the technology itself, but also with his ability to engage and interact with the extended team, both internally and with very senior Clients. Juan is a true leader within his expertise. As he develops new features and functionalities within our experience, he also sharing his depth of knowledge within the Drupal community. There is no challenge that Juan isn't willing to tackle. New Business Requirements are constantly coming down the pike. Juan's ability to find a solution for each and every item is what has kept this project running smoothly. The success of our site experience is a huge call out to Juan. Without his partnership, professionalism, drive and ability for success, we would not be where we are today. I fully recommend Juan as a developer, a leader, a strategist and a true partner for any upcoming project work that requires not only a Drupal expert, but also a pristine partner."

  • Ian Crowley

    Partner & Technology Manager at Ogilvy Interactive
    September 2014

    "Juan has been my lead developer for the last 2 years on the IBM People for Smarter Cities platform. Over the course of the project, I've given him pretty much every challenge a Drupal developer can have. To meet these challenges, Juan ended up having to build over 20 modules and custom web services. Beyond that though (as if it's not enough), he was able to optimize performance, make the site secure, and implement a streamlined deployment process. My reasons for recommending Juan go beyond his Drupal skills though. Juan is a true professional who takes his job very seriously. If you give him a deadline, you can trust that he's going to meet it. If he runs into an issue, you can trust that he is going to let you know and that he will have already thought of alternate solutions. Being able to work with a developer that I could trust and depend on throughout this project has been invaluable."

Work and Play are words used to describe the same thing under different conditions. - Mark Twain


Serving the public, private and non-profit sectors
Work and Play are words used to describe the same thing under different conditions. - Mark Twain


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