Custom Module Development

How do you decide whether to create your custom module or to use a contributed module?

With over 36,000 contributed modules available for free it is hard not to find one that will meet your needs. However, when the scope of a project is too specific or when it is required to integrate Drupal with an external system there is no other choice but to write your own module.

Makers365 developers have contributed several Drupal modules to the community and have written many others modules that are too specific to be useful beyond the scope of the project for which they were created. When choosing between writing my own module or using a contributed module these are some of the questions we ask:

  1. Is there a contributed module out there that can do what we need?
  2. If there is a module that matches what we need, then we ask:
    • Does this module have a version that is compatible with the version of Drupal that I'm using?
    • Is this module well supported by the community?
    • How many sites are using this module compared to how many times it has been downloaded?
    • Are the module developers currently maintaining the module or does it appear abandoned?
    • How many bugs or issues are open, versus how many have been fixed by the community?
  3. Last but not least: Will my client be able to maintain the module after we deliver the project?

There is no specific formula to make this decision but the above questions should help you evaluate some of the benefits and challenges of choosing an existing module versus writing your own.

If you need more help get in touch with us.